Copy of Our Mission

At BESTeas we're on a simple mission: To eradicate excess sugar from the American Diet! Getting Americans to dump sugar is a big challenge but we've got the can do attitude to make it happen.


Currently there's a massive sugar problem in America and beverages are the single largest source of added sugars in the American diet today. To put it simply, sugary beverages are cheap. they're everywhere, full of flavor and they are addicting. When we first set off to create BESTeas, we just had the idea that Sparkling Unsweetened Tea would be a really awesome beverage but after delving into how big of a problem sugar in America is, we realized that our vision for BESTeas was the ultimate sugary beverage alternative!


This is a pretty big statement but hear us out! By combining tea, bubbles and fruit juice while refusing to use any sweeteners of any type or natural flavors, we have made a commitment to our ingredients in a way that's never been before in a can! The result is a full flavored beverage that's delicious, refreshing and completely unsweetened. Now that BESTeas is real we've got to focus on two simple words: Affordability and Accessibility! 

Affordability and Accessibility

Real change happens with the two words above. We won't rest until BESTeas is everywhere and be afforded by everyone. Sugar sucks and we're going change the world one can at a time.