Just Do Your Best! You'll Shock Yourself.

The phrase “do your best” feels like such a cliché but Voliatre wasn’t joking when he wrote “The best is the enemy of good”. Right before our first production run, I built a basic website for BESTeas and for nearly 10 months it just sat stagnant. I was waiting for the right moment when we had more resources to have a professional website developer build out our website and I was making no progress on it. Up until that point, it was my “best” and I accepted that fact because I thought that at some point we’d have the perfect website.


After months of stagnation, I decided that this wasn’t acceptable, so I took another stab at building a website. I’ve never done it before and I’m pretty far from an artistic guy but I believe in pushing myself and I’m not afraid to fail. The second try was a little bit better but still far from where I wanted it but I grew a good deal in my attempt and my confidence in my web building skills only continued to grow.


That leap forward helped propel me forward in our third BESTeas website. Is it perfect? Nope but I’m fiercely proud of it and I know that every time I make a tweak to it, it gets us a little bit closer to my ultimate goal. If I didn’t put myself out there, we’d still be waiting for the perfect moment to build the perfect website and I wouldn’t be writing this (because I wouldn’t have grown and we literally wouldn’t have a website).


This website and business is a perfect example of how far the idea of just doing your best can take you. Growing can feel so daunting when you know exactly how far you have to go but having the right mindset and taking it one inch at a time really does add up!  

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