Developing Self Discipline Through Marathon Training

On the surface there seems to be very little in common between successfully launching a beverage company and running a marathon. One can feels like managing a million different things at once with no clear answers and the other is pretty straightforward in that all you have to do is complete a training plan and take care of yourself.Yet these two goals have a mutual requirement for success -- discipline. Put the time in every day, have faith in the strategy that you’ve set forth, and slowly but surely BESTeas will grow into something special. Take the time to run for 45-60 minutes per day, make sure that you’re eating healthy and stretch every day so that your legs are fresh for tomorrow, and you’ll probably run a great marathon.


Both tasks take a high level of discipline and I’ll be honest, I’ve never felt like I’ve been a master of discipline. When I first had the idea for BESTeas, it was my drive that pushed me through the hard times and adversity to will BESTeas into existence. When I ran in high school, I orchestrated summer group runs with my teammates and ran over 900 miles leading up to my Senior year without relying on any discipline. I’m sure that sounds  but if I have a set time and place to work towards a common goal with people I care about, it’s pretty easy to show up and put in the work. You don’t have to answer the question of “am I go train today” to yourself because you’ve got five of your best friends all there waiting for you and you can’t let them down!


There’s a stark difference between drive and discipline. When I feel my drive, it’s this intense feeling that I’m going to make something special happen and no matter what’s in the way, I’m going to overcome it. That process can be exhausting. It’s as if there’s a period of extreme productivity followed by a period of recovery. Discipline on the other hand is a slow and steady force, methodically marching towards a goal. This lack of discipline holds me back and in the spirit of challenging myself to be my BEST, I’m taking the action to change that about myself.

Last week I signed up for the Illinois Marathon and I’m going to absolutely crush it. Every day I’m going to run on my own to prove to myself that I can in fact be extremely disciplined. My weakness doesn’t have to stay my weakness and with enough determination, I can turn it into a strength. This goes back to what we have on the back of our cans:

“We want you to be your BEST with a perfectly bubbly tea”

I created BESTeas not only because I saw a need for more dynamic unsweetened beverages, but also to encourage and inspire others to be the BEST versions of themselves.


I had this realization that it’s completely impossible for me to encourage and inspire others to be their BEST when I’m still striving to live that life myself. So on April 27th, I’m going to run 26.2 miles to prove to my BESTeas that positive change is possible. Let’s ditch these negative self perceptions we have and let’s rebuild ourselves into something better.


How are you striving to be your BEST right now? Leave us a comment below to share your story!


  • barb

    love the tea!!!! Ordered some. want more!!
    when will it arrive??

  • Kyle

    Great article, Kyle! I’ve found that developing self discipline has really helped me grow as a professional as well as on a personal level. Everything from physical training to meal prepping breakfast and lunch for the week every Sunday, to taking a daily hour to read and learn, to prioritizing quality sleep plays a part. Those daily wins compound over time and make you a better person in all aspects of your life.
    I also have a new found motivation in my daughter. I want to set a good example for her so I have to show her how to make getting strong, smart, and staying kind are an everyday occurrence. Not being perfect but being your best.
    Great work with BESTeas! I’m sure lots of good things are headed your way in 2019!

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