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What's BESTeas?!

The BEST, duh!

Where can I buy BESTeas?

Soon to be everywhere, until then here's a rough estimate on where to find us:

Why are BESTeas unsweetened?!

Because you're sweet enough!

Are your teas pasteurized?

For about 10 minutes we heat our little BESTeas to make sure they're shelf stable.

Online Store FAQs

What's your return policy?

BESTeas has a money back guarantee!

What form of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards and paypal.

How much is shipping?


I'm interested in being a Wholesale customer, what do I do?

Awesome! We want you to be a wholesale customer too.

Do you ship internationally?

Nope, not yet. :(

Is there tracking on my order?

For sure!